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One dollar. Ten comics. Help someone keep their lights on.

FACK (First Aid Collective Knox, who recently merged w/ Mercy's Angels Medic Collective) is raising funds for a cash drive to provide no-questions-asked support to people in the Knoxville, TN area. These funds help folks with things like rent, baby supplies, school supplies, and heating/electricity bills. As COVID cases creep again and winter starts tapping at the windows, we need more to continue helping people. You can help with just a dollar - and get 10 great comics in the process! 


The comics in the bundle are:

  • Loose Teeth, a colorful comic about having something to survive on when you go somewhere new; by Desolina F (@zer0forest, instagram zer0forest)
  • Things I Knewa black n white zine about being many things by Elijah Forbes (@paintedturtleco, instagram: paintedturtleco)
  • Palace by the Sea, a short blue comic about a woman who dreams but can't remember, written by Luz Bianca (@luzbianca417), art by Robin Yao (@shounenking)
  • Soul Crossing, a preview comic about a young person who finds herself in a different world with different - scary - things, by Mia Casesa (Instagram: minniekit)
  • Bicultural Fam, a short comic about having a bicultural family and giving your children what you know, by Nidhi ( Folio: 
  • Godzilla Decolonizes Durango, exactly what it says in the title - action packed comic about Godzilla being an Indigenous ally, by Kayla Shaggy (@KaylaShaggy)
  • Cuídate, a black n white comic about monsters and redemption and habit, by Mercedes Acosta (@bignoseagenda, instagram: Indiginerd)
  • A Mother Never Forgets, a comic about being sorry, by Mercedes Acosta
  • SCREAM, a humorous comic about a banshee who wants to sing, by Mercedes Acosta
  • Villainous Women, a character zine about some truly evil ladies, by Mercedes Acosta

Learn about First Aid Collective Knox here: 


Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$2.00 $1.00 USD or more

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LooseTeeth_DesolinaF.pdf 10 MB
Medic Fund Comic Bundle.pdf 5 MB
palace by the sea - web.pdf 4 MB
things I knew_print.pdf 2 MB
VillainousWomenCACOSTA.pdf 1 MB
SCREAM_mini_Cacosta.pdf 5 MB